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(Author's Note: I dare you to read through this without masturbating at least a little. I dare ya!)

Mara balled up her panties and opened my mouth, shoving them in. They clung to a lingering musk from her groin. Then she sealed my mouth in tape to keep the gag in place.


Mara smiled with a smug sense of satisfaction, “That’s much better.” She continued the lecture, “You can use whatever position is most comfortable for you, doms, but I like the lunge position the best. Lift one leg up and plant your foot by her head. I usually hold down her hair to make her feel more demeaned.”

Mara kept my head turned toward the class with her foot pressed down on my hair. The doms were watching me for reference as to how helpless their subs should feel. Some of them began prodding their subs’ assholes. The teacher slapped my thighs sharply before teasing my ass with her cock. I felt the swollen spongy tip of Mara’s cock prod against my anus, holding her destroyer, smacking my tight hole, and spreading the lube. She pushed just far enough for the meatus to peek in, then pulled out and shoved her ass-loosening glans inside me. Mara moaned as my bung hole kept her head in a vice grip.

“Oh, I have been waiting to do this to your ass since the moment you walked into my café,” she groaned.

Letting the lube drip down to my ass from her cock, she slowly shoved her penis deeper. It felt like plate tectonics; she gradually pushed centimeter after centimeter into me as my ass tightened its grip, hoping it could stop her with sheer friction. It couldn’t; she was balls deep, grinding her sack the size of a soda can into my soaked cunt. An earthquake was rocking my body.

“MMmmmmphhhFFffuuuuhhhh…” I growled through her sweaty panties. I felt my eyes rolling to look back at her. I could feel my ass strangling her dick at the base and the malleable wetness deeper inside me wrapping sloppy kisses around the penetrating invader. Mara frequently pulled back and shoved in so the clamp-like pressure from my ass could be felt throughout her massive member. Several times she pulled on my anus with her wide head, tugging just hard enough to make me moan but not so hard as to pull out. Mara’s toes curled and pulled on my hair as she churned my insides like butter.

“You have no idea how good this feels, Rose!” she cried out. “I’m going to fuck your hole without mercy! It will never be this tight again!”

“OOOohhhhhhGGaaaaah!…” I groaned. I chewed on my gag like it was a mouth guard. My drool was dripping onto the desk, flowing under the tape off my chin.

It was agonizing having my hands cuffed because I was unable to rub my sore clit and erect nipples. Mara could tell and was deliberately denying me pleasure. But my pussy had never been so wet. I watched the other couples who were modeling after their mistress-teacher. They slapped their woman’s ass when she slapped mine. One dom got creative: he was drilling his girlfriend and controlling her with his hair in his teeth yanking back and forth like a dog that caught its prey. Some women locked eyes with each other as they got fucked and better trained subs were slipping strangers tongue as they got their asses plowed. Mara smacked my ass to get my attention. She somehow knew I wasn’t focusing on the ass pounding. Mara rubbed lube over my cunt and slapped my thighs to torment me.


“Worship my cock like it’s the best you’ll get, you slut!” she ordered. I humped my hips and drove my ass into her destroyer. I was out of my mind, working towards such anal pummeling, but the ecstasy of her ass-splitting cock was undeniable. I had to get more! She eventually stopped thrusting, letting me do the work: dominating my own ass with her thick, rippling cock. Mara had made me her slave.

“That’s a good bitch,” she moaned.

With a few minutes left of class, the other men in the room began to orgasm, and the room began to be filled with the loud moans of women and the smell of cum. They were filling their wives, mistresses, and girlfriends with their hot loads with business-class precision. A few of the women began to climax. Mara was so big that my cunt couldn’t help sputtering some of my juices on her desk as she fucked me like some plaything.

“It seems you like this as much as I do Rose,” she smirked. She rubbed my cum off of her balls and smeared it over my gagged face, mixing it in with my sweat, the water in my eyes, and my mascara.

 The class bell rung. The other couples were getting off the floor from their debauchery, picking up their scribbled and splotched notes about domination.

“Everyone else is dismissed,” Mara called. The other couples got dressed and started locking their lips in steamy kisses before they left the classroom.

“But not you, whore,” she whispered. “Femdom 330 can wait a few minutes.”

She fucked me until my anus couldn’t squeeze her gargantuan cock any longer. Finally, Mara sprayed her love deep into my ass. My Mistress left a red handprint on my flanks each time her dick pumped spunk within my gaping rectum. Still in her lunge, Mara hung over me panting and sucking her own nipples. She rested her dick inside me while she was recovering from her daze. I was almost hyperventilating through my nose; rushed with arousal and adrenaline. Mara went back to a normal kneeling position and then slowly pulled her third leg out of me. It flopped onto the desk as though it was exhausted too.

“Aaaaahhhhh…” I moaned with relief. It was finally out of me, I felt lighter. Mara swung her legs off the desk and erased the blackboard while I caught my breath. My asshole was trying to clench shut, but I felt it unable to close. It was still gaping after all that punishment. Mara ripped the tape off my mouth and pulled out the soaked panties, throwing them in the trash.

“How was it hun?” she cooed.

“Oh my God Mara! I’d never done anal before, but that felt amazing,” I cried. “I thought I was going to pass out a few times from the pleasure and pain. I love how you subjugated me like a piece of property.”

She knelt down and brought her lips to mine. I’ve never kissed another woman, but her lips felt supple and soft. We moaned as she glided her tongue against mine. She grazed her teeth over my lower lip before pulling away. It was the most tender kiss I ever had and I just met her this morning.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it hun,” she smiled.

Mara unlocked me and helped me to my feet. “You look wobbly there Rose,” she said. She lifted my arm over her shoulder and helped me hobble out of the room.

“Consider the job yours dear,” Mara beamed.

“That’s wonderful! Thank you Mara,” I smiled. “Will there be another time to…”

“We’ll see,” she chuckled. She opened her locker and pulled out a bag.

“Get in the locker,” she ordered. I was about to protest but she suddenly shoved me inside. The shelf overhead was just low enough to keep me from standing, so I had to crouch in the confined locker. Mara balled up my clothes and threw them in the top compartment.

“Now before you curse me out,” she began. “I have my reasons. One, I’m late for my lecture. Two, I have about a dozen things to do at the café immediately afterward. And three, I have to come back and teach night classes here. During none of which can I have you accompany me.”

Mara was about to lock me in, but then stopped. “Oh,” she recalled. “I may have also promised you for something.”

I exploded. “What!?! You just tore my ass up until I was unable to walk and now you’re going to leave me in a locker to be taken like a wager?!”

“Ummm sort of,” she mused. Then she shook her head, “But I’m sure you’ll be fine. Hope nobody wins you!”

With that, she shut me in and I heard the lock click outside.

So did you complete my challenge? ;)

The much anticipated part 2 of Practicum, brought to you by cheap whiskey. Like Hemingway said, sometimes it's best to write drunk and edit sober. Of course, he killed himself so you should take his drinking advice with a grain of salt.

Practicum Pt1 (NSFW)

By the way, the next story won't make much sense unless you read NEET (NSFW) first. It was my first and longest post, but it's definitely worth the read and has a slightly different flavor than my other writing.

Hope you all enjoyed it, and don't be afraid to call out stuff like grammar mistakes if you find them. It's the only way I'll learn.

Happy Reading!


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